immersive experiences

​   ​Oct  6 - 14th 2018

 fest      2018 ​​
Hearing Art Seeing Sound
Արվեստ Առանց Սահմանների միջազգային Փառատոն

An annual interdisciplinary Art/Music/Science Festival that combines different disciplines, providing a platform for new work and creations. The unique concept lies in the collaboration format, with the Festival bringing together non-traditional creatives for curated performances, masterclasses, discussions, and seminars.
Organized by Progressive Art Center

HASSFest18 will take place from October 6th - 14th, 2018, and will feature collaborations between over 20 internationally recognised artists, working with local Armenian creatives and establishments. The Festival will curate and produce several premiere events spanning electronic music parties, immersive sensory experiences, performance exhibitions, masterclasses, seminars, and live concerts.

Electronuc Music Producers 

  • Oliver Klostermann​ (Germany) LIVE
  • Jacob Groening (Germany) LIVE
  • Alex Kordz (Netherlands) LIVE
  • Simon Lemont (Switzerland)
  • Mark Lando (Switzerland)
  • Musak Radical Septet (Switzerland) LIVE
  • Van Sarkissian (Germany) LIVE
  • Symptom (Armenia) LIVE

Visual Artists

  • Folded Visuals (Finland) LIVE VISUALS
  • Fur the Burds (Netherlands) LIVE​​ VISUALS