Participants HASSFEST2016


Ben Lunn
Kristina Arakelyan
Evan Kassof
Bofan Ma
Yiran Zhao
Van Sarkissian
Andrey Rubtsov
Justina Repeckaite
Maja Palser
Rahilia Hasanova
Thanakarn Henry Shofield 


Arthur Sarkissian
Garik Karapeyan
Diana Hakobyan
Sam Grigorian
Gagik Babayan
Sonia Balasannian
Saro Galentz
Vahe Berberian
David Kareyan

Nana Aramyan
Yevgine Martirossyan
Vahag Hamalbashyan

International Performers

Yiran Zhao
Assel Abilseitova
Lionel Andrey
Artur Almasbekov
Aliya Iskhakova
Van Sarkissian
Rafael Aguirree
Srdjan Bulat
Emre Gokalp
Taylan Ergul
Cem Babajan
Ensemple x.y (list coming soon)
Serj Tankian - Musical Paintings at the Hassfest
"I was glad to find out that Progressive Art Agency is doing the Hassfest in Yerevan, Armenia with the participation of many artists from around the world.  I have been doing musically scored paintings under the umbrella of Eye For Sound for a number of years now. So glad some of my pieces will be making their way to Armenia.”
Serj Tankian
Eye For Sound was born from the desire to create a unique and immersive musical experience that reconnects the value of tangible products to music. It provides a fusion of art and music easily accessed through a Smartphone or tablet making each experience personal and unique to each user. By exploring the simultaneous connection between art and music the user experiences a one of a kind stimulation of the senses. ‘Eye for Sound’ was created with broad intention and aims to become a platform for other artists to utilize.
International Performers
Hearing Art Seeing Sound

First International Art & Music Festival
Yerevan, Armenia

The festival has a unique format that introduces fine arts within different forms.
Progressive Art Agency team has commissioned 11 composers to write music inspired by paintings of Armenian contemporary artists working alongside to create music that would represent the painting in a new way, letting to see the art in a 4th dimension. We aim to change the growing tradition of barely looking at a canvas into a mindful and communicative approach. As music is naturally a temporal art, it is the perfect catalyst to create this space. The audience will be drawn into a spiritual atmosphere where they can be just with art. The composers are the gatekeepers, opening the door to us; leading us to the possible messages left by the artists.