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​   ​Oct  6 - 14th 2018

Goals and aims of the festival:
Build a collaboration-based festival format. The uniqueness of our art festival, which is also the first festival of its kind in Armenia, is that it is all based on collaboration between musicians and artists. Twelve international composers had a chance to get introduced to 20 Armenian fine artists, after which, each of them picked the most inspiring figure and painting for themselves. Now, the twelve compositions are ready to be presented alongside the inspirational paintings. This is the first step of collaboration, the second step is going to be the presentation of the composition by other international performers. This creates a new kind of art piece involving an artist, a composer, and performers having different nationalities and backgrounds, but being united with an art.

Create a new and unique art platform in Yerevan. The audience will have a chance to hear music in a new way and see art in fourth dimensions. This will challenge the growing tradition of barely looking at a painting to examining it is a mindful and communicative approach, drawing the watcher into a more spiritual atmosphere. Besides, the live performances during the festival we want to present a new way of appreciating paintings by attaching earphones to them. By doing this, the audience will have a chance to look at the painting and listen to the collaborated composition at the same time, which is a unique approach to the traditional way of seeing art.

fest 2016
video & photo gallery
  1. Title 1
  2. Narek Avetissyan
  3. First press conference of hassfest 2016
  4. Opening night at NPAK
  5. Rafael Aguirree
  6. Galentz Museum
  7. David kareyan
  8. Modern Art Museum of Armenia
  9. Modern Art Museum of Armenia
  10. Nana Aramian's Painting
  11. Title Modern Art Museum
  12. Mateus dela Fonte masterclass
  13. Title 15
  14. Title 16
  15. Title 17
  16. Sara Cubarsi from Ensemble x.y
  17. Saro Galentz
  18. Collaboration || Saro/ Henry
  19. Hassfest 2016
  20. Maja Palser , Alex Mcgery
  21. Henry Tanakhan at the talk
  22. Alex Mcgery
  23. Ben Lunn during Rehearsal
  24. Talk/ Discussion  at Galentz Museum
  25. Participant Saro Galentz
  26. Hass Guitar Fest 2016 Rafael Aguirree at Cafesjian Music Hall
  1. Video Commercial hassfest
    hassfest 2016 video commercial
  2. Saro Galentz / Henry Schofeild
    Hassfest collaboration /
  3. Tv program about hassfest
    Tv program about hassfest 2016 (arm)
  4. Alex Mcgery / Nana Aramian
    hassfest Collaboration 2016 performed by Joao Lima / Lilit Mardiyan
  5. Hassfest collaboration - Maja Palser / Vahag Hamalbashyan
    collaboration performance at Modern Art Museum
  6. Hassfest Opening Night at NPAK
    Hassfest full concert of the opening night at NPAK