Hearing Art Seeing Sound
Արվեստ Առանց Սահմանների միջազգային Փառատոն
Annual contemporary art and music festival that combines various art forms and gives a platform for new works to emerge. Its unique concept lies in the collaboration format, bringing artists and detached art disciplines together.
Organised by Progressive Art Agency.

Throughout history composers and artists have occupied similar circles of thought, often trying to achieve the same things. Hector Berlioz wanted a direct dialogue to further art, Richard Wagner wanted to combine all arts for the ultimate artistic achievement, and Claude Debussy wanted to approach music like the impressionist painters of time, letting colour become all.
We, Progressive Art Agency team,  loved this idea and we believed that contemporary art and music nowadays are pretty much apart from each other, even though they come from the same nature- human soul. We decided to create an annual contemporary art/music festival that will combine various disciplines and give a push for new art works to emerge.

This year's choice of location is Armenia, Yerevan, the city of contemporary art lovers. An unusual place for the festival you say? Check out how many museums and concert halls they have for a small city.

The philosophy of our company and inaugural project is simple:

Produce events, music, and collaborations which transcend borders. We justify our aims through the truth that art is an universal entity which can touch all peoples.

The aim of the project is to bring unity to disparate art forms and experiment in ways of representing of approaching the works.
The audience will have a chance to hear music in a new way and see art in a fourth dimension. This will change the growing tradition of barely looking at a new canvas into a mindful and communicative approach, drawing the watcher into a more spiritual atmosphere where one can simply be with and in art.

The current project is a collaboration of 11 composers with 12 artists.  Composers come from across the globe including the United States of America, Switzerland, China, and the United Kingdom. The artists consist of leading figures and individuals within the Armenian contemporary art scene including Arthur Sarkissian, Garik Karepatyan, Vahe Berberian  and Sam Grigorian.
These collaborations will lead to 4 days long events in Yerevan: concerts, masterclasses by the artists and composers.

These artistic dialogues will aim to show art has no borders or space for conflict.
Through mutual respect and exploration of many other cultures, we aim to create a platform to allow arts of all disciplines to transcend socio-political issues and merely be art for all regardless of ethnicity or creed.


Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art (ACCEA/NPAK)
Founded by a couple of ethnically Armenian Americans, Sonia and Edward Balassanian, in the 1990s, the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, also referred to as ACCEA, or NPAK in Armenian, aims to promote contemporary art in Armenia. Its mission goes both ways as it aims to bring international contemporary art to the country but also promote local contemporary and avant-garde artists at the international level. Nearly every Armenian contemporary artist has made their debut at the centre, and acquired an international reputation and recognition thanks to ACCEA’s work. Until 2009, when the government decided to take responsibility for promoting the country’s art scene at the international level, it was ACCEA who organised Armenia’s participation at the Biennale in Venice. In addition, ACCEA is also trying to build partnerships between the local art community and the Armenian diaspora around the world in support of Armenian literature and arts.                    

HASS Guitar Festival Concert Series present internationally acclaimed leading classical guitarists: Rafael Aguirre Minarro, Emre Gokalp and Srdjan Bulat. Musicians will perform traditional tunes and pieces by composers of their countries.
(5,6 July, 2016) Location to be confirmed soon. 

ProgressiveArt Agency

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Us and our history

"Van, Ben, and Myself although we came from very different backgrounds and studied in different conservatoires including the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama; we were drawn together by our common goal of creating musical projects that transcended borders.

This is what led us to build this agency, jointly based in Kazakhstan and Armenia, working with musicians and other artists from all over the globe.

Being classical musicians and composers ourselves, we can see the demands and necessities of today's art scene. We give impetus into combining all aspects of art, showing the diversity and width of its nature, bringing more interest into it via our unique events.
Studying in the most prestigious music academies in the world gave us not only the knowledge of our subjects, but many valuable and interesting contacts with artists, musicians, cinematographers from around the world. Thus, we decided to put together our passion of art, knowledge and impressive list of extremely talented artists to bring the already existing cultural life in COS and other countries to a new level and bring attention to a new generation of talented artists and composers.

We aim to be a point of progression in art. We aim to be the producers of the next daring cultural and artistic events. We aim to push the creative forces in all, and challenge the current creative outlets to meet our levels of progression and desire".

   Assel Abilseitova. Co-Founder of Progressive-Art Agency.